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Our low-risk business model protects our client’s most valuable asset, their home.


Short-term rentals offer higher returns than traditional rent models.


Our system provides solutions for all aspects of the short-term rental management business.


Our experience in the hospitality and real estate industries are the cornerstones of our success.

An All-Inclusive Property Management Service for Short-Term Rentals


Listing & Marketing

Our system will develop the right tools to list and market the property on the most important short-term rental platforms.


Guest Satisfaction

From the arrival to the departure process, we leave your guests with the intent to return or recommend your property with an overall excellent satisfaction rating.

House Keeping & Maintenance

Professional cleaning, accurate inventory management, and property maintenance are the key factors for an impeccable property.

Professional Staging

The goal of staging is to guarantee that your home exceeds all expectations and provide a unique experience to all guests.

Dynamic Pricing

Market analysis along with our digital tools allow us to develop a dynamic pricing system that will maintain your property’s competitive edge all year long.

Simple Account Monitoring

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest level of performance by providing you with an online dashboard and transparent financial reports.

We work with the most relevant short-rental platforms

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Simple information gathering process.

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Meet with an agent to define the best program.

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Executing the right strategy for your business model.


Sit back, relax and access your account online any time.

Most Common Type of Clients

We handle every account with the same level of professionalism.


Single Property Owners

Transforming your single residential property into a profitable business.


Multi-unit Landlords

Short-term rentals offer higher returns than traditional rent models.

Real Estate Developers

Our system provides solutions for all aspects of the short-term rental management business.

Residential Building Owners

Our experience in the hospitality and real estate industries are the cornerstones of our success.

Account Management & Business Development Programs

Market Analysis

Our team evaluates the market in which the property is located using the most updated data offered, along with rea-life factors offered by different platforms.

Professional Listing

Each listing is professionally uploaded in all the major platforms. We rely on the marketing tools and information obtained from the market analysis, to develop listings that will guarantee higher occupancy rates.

Account Management

Each property is professionally managed by an agent. Agents supervise all operations including maintenance and repairs, house cleaning, key exchange, and most importantly the billing and payment processes.

Dynamic Pricing

Pricing is one of the most important factors for the success of a short-term rental. Using the necessary digital tools will allow us to set the right price in order to maximize revenue while maintaining higher occupancy rates.

Online Access

All of our clients will be able to access their account online anywhere any time. They will be able to check their financial statements and rental history.

Guest Relations

From the moment a guest starts inquiring about the property, the check-in, their full stay and even after their check-out, our property manager will make sure he is always satisfied.


We pride ourselves in providing hotel-like housekeeping services for all of our properties. It is essential for the guest experience.

Maintenance & Repairs

A fully functional property with no damages (Visible or not), is part of our pledge to all of our guests. Our team of handymen and service providers are available 24/7 to fix or maintain the property fully operational.

Local Freebies

Every tourist or visitor enjoys great customer service anywhere they go. Our relationships with South Florida venues allow us to offer guests with freebies and discounts in different spots in town.

Professional Photography

The Full Service Program offers a credit of $100 Dollars towards the professional photography service. One of the most important marketing tools for our listings are the quality of the pictures. Our photographers specialized in Real Estate & have over a decade of experience immortalizing the best angles and views of our properties.

Welcome Baskets

One of the most appreciated gestures of hospitality by all of our guests are the welcome baskets. A little pampering is part of our experience and will result in better reviews.

Item Restocking

Replacing the most important elements of the property is part of offering guests a much more comfortable stay. Vital things for the bathrooms, kitchens and common areas are replaced in between guests or in the event that guests request additional housekeeping services.
Pricing is based on the two existing programs. Compare Both Packages for more details.

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